Tianting Sun

When I was little, I was given the freedom to draw on any surface of the house. I filled all the walls with my silly drawings. That’s where the dream started. Years later, I saw the beautiful BFA posters displayed on the hallway wall. I knew in my heart that I wanted to become a designer. Over the two years, I learned and practiced design skills and gained confidence to present to people. I also met many amazing people in class who dream as I do. Finally, here I am, geared up and ready to pin up my piece of passion on the wall!
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Brandon Brown Mary Gutierrez Phi Ho Linh Hoang Brandon Huynh Rachel Lee Hefan Lim En Yu Ma Miguel Morejon Dana Nissan Anela Oliveros Sylvia Ow-Yang Ryan Parajas Karla Peralta Sarah Sauerzopf Chako Shinmoto Tanya Shrivastava Wenwen Su Tianting Sun Hung Tsai Thanhthao Van Effy Wang