Effy Wang

My first experience with design was when I was 10. I had made a PowerPoint for my sister based on her favorite singer at the time. I even created this ridiculous poster with big type and imagery not knowing what hierarchy and grid was, or even what the term “poster” meant. But that poster made my sister happy and she hung it on her wall so she could see it everyday. That really touched me. I started to make more and more, which has set me on a creative path urging me to bring ideas to life.
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Brandon Brown Mary Gutierrez Phi Ho Linh Hoang Brandon Huynh Rachel Lee Hefan Lim En Yu Ma Miguel Morejon Dana Nissan Anela Oliveros Sylvia Ow-Yang Ryan Parajas Karla Peralta Sarah Sauerzopf Chako Shinmoto Tanya Shrivastava Wenwen Su Tianting Sun Hung Tsai Thanhthao Van Effy Wang