Ryan Parajas

An airport app that will help users navigate through any airport and manage their time accordingly in order to make it to their flight on time.

Thesis Statement

Airports are very confusing and very crowded to navigate through, creating a rough experience. I want to research and understand people's experiences and difficulties at the airport so I can create a solution that would rely on better wayfinding, machine learning, and augmented reality in order to make their experience more fluid and easier.


There are navigation apps such as Google Maps and Waze that use artificial intelligence or machine learning to find the fastest and safest route to drive from point A to point B and provide a relatively accurate estimated time of arrival. But this technology can go further than just roads. This technology can help people in a place where it is crowded, have unpredictable wait times, confusing to navigate, and have a few people rushing to make it in on time. I am talking about airports.

My objective is to create a mobile app that would help people navigate through a busy and confusing airport by providing times to leave point A to point B and an interactive map that will help guide the user through the airport. With time and machine learning, it will provide a more accurate scenario and develop a schedule that will prevent users from being late or missing their flight. And for those who are unfamiliar with airports or cannot read the airport signs because of a language barrier, my product can use augmented reality to have a clear understand.

The methods of research will be surveying people who have ridden on a plane, interviewing airport workers, and analyzing existing apps that fail to achieve the results I am looking for. In the end, my product will be a mobile app that can be used before going to the airport and while navigating through the airport.

Research Questions

  1. What struggles do you have when you're navigating through the airport?
  2. If you need help navigating, how would you get help?
  3. How was your experience with time management at the airport when trying to catch your flight on time?


The outcome of my product is a mobile app meant to help users plan their trip to an airport, manage their time wisely, and help them navigate through an airport to make their experience easier. Users can connect their Google account to automatically add their flights. After asking questions, it will generate a schedule (checkpoints) and a navigator. Their schedule is influenced by time of year, time of day, busyness, and any delays. When at the airport, users can use the navigator, as well as AR to find where to go. When being in arrival, there will be a list of checkpoints they have to go through to leave the airport. This app is perfect for anyone who is going through an airport for the first time or is a frequent flyer who is very busy or doesn’t have much time.

Ryan Parajas

Chang Kim—Primary Advisor
Graphic Design Professor, SJSU

Jeong Kim—Secondary Advisor
UX/UI Design Professor, SJSU

Serhii Kyryliuk—Tertiary Advisor
Product Designer, Spokeo

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