the Kimchi–logue

Rachel Lee

An interactive website that introduces the variety, complexity, and cultural significance of kimchi.

Thesis Statement

To understand the varieties of kimchi, the interactive website categorizes kimchi by its main ingredients, regions, seasons, and visuals that mimic the process of making kimchi.


South Korea has grown in popularity for its K-pop, media, technology, and food. Any Korean restaurant you go to, you will find Korea’s national dish on their table, kimchi, a spicy fermented vegetable, most commonly made with Napa cabbage. Once a spicy and smelly, foreign dish, its health benefits made headlines and soon became trendy.

While many may know of this side dish, they don’t know why it has become the staple in Korean cuisine or even the dying tradition of the laborious process into making it. There are also hundreds of types of kimchi with all varying ingredients and flavors originating from different regions of South Korea. The steps into making kimchi is a laborious process that brought families together to share the experience and also to appreciate and connect with the land they are on.

To have a deeper understanding of how kimchi has made an impact in Korea’s history and culture, the interactive website will inform users on kimchi’s significance by creating the experience of making kimchi from salting the cabbage to fermenting and enjoying the final product.

Research Questions

  1. What is kimjang and why is it dying?
  2. How is kimchi made?
  3. How different is kimchi from different regions of Korea?


The Kimchi–logue is an interactive website where users can explore and learn about the different types of kimchi. Users can explore from four different categories: the main ingredient, regions, season, and visuals. Through each category, they can mimic the process of making kimchi with instructions or facts on why certain steps are done throughout the process. Upon discovering the new kimchi, users can go more in depth and compare two different dishes. They can also check out the infographic on both web and poster to see all the ingredients used to make the kimchi and the specific instructions on how to prepare it.

Rachel Lee

Chang Kim—Primary Advisor
Graphic Design Professor, SJSU

Yoon Chung Han—Secondary Advisor
SJSU Assistant Graphic Design Professor

Sangyoub Park—Tertiary Advisor
Washburn University Associate Professor of Sociology

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