Miguel Morejon

A mixed reality headset provides foreman with assistance in avoiding hazards at a construction site.

Thesis Statement

The use of smart hardhats at construction sites would provide a safer experience for its users by efficiently providing alerts and relevant information.


The construction industry uses plenty of tools to improve their workflow and maintain safety; one item increasingly being used is the smartphone. It has become a staple, no longer only used for calls, messaging, or sending emails, but is now used to organize task lists, order supply, or even geotag important messages. Safety is the number one priority at all workplaces, but especially on a construction site, and getting crucial information about potential hazards delivered as fast as possible is imperative. Alongside tech, other more traditional items must be used at construction sites, such as hardhats, reflective vests, and safety glasses. All are designed to keep the crew protected and keep the team safe. But what if there was a way that some of these devices could work together?

Through this project, I will explore the creation of a smart, hard hat and its ability to deliver relevant information quickly and efficiently.

Research Questions

  1. What is the most common accident on a construction site?
  2. What smart devices or applications are currently in use?
  3. Is there a notification system in place for any potential alerts or warnings at a construction site?


It is challenging to encourage users to use a new device, such as a smart, hard hat because they are still unknown. Still, by allowing users to experience how easy these devices are to use and demonstrate their benefits, these devices can have real-world benefits and avoid injury at the workplace.

Miguel Morejon

Chang Kim—Primary Advisor
Graphic Design Professor, SJSU

Yoon Chung Han—Secondary Advisor
Interaction Designer, SJSU Professor

Jorge Martinez—Tertiary Advisor
Worker's Compensation Administrator

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