Essence Skincare

Brandon Brown

An app that will focus on simplifying skincare recommendations to help users reach their skin health goals.

Thesis Statement

We all experience skin problems on different levels. Some may struggle with acne, some have dry skin, while some suffer with skin sensitivity. However, finding ways to heal or treat skin conditions can feel intimidating when first starting out our skincare journey to healthy balanced skin.


Skincare literacy has come a long way. The demand for skincare is flourishing due to the increase in health and wellness awareness. However, understanding one’s skincare needs can be daunting in the large realm of skincare marketing and social media. Due to the cornucopias amount of skincare products to skincare recommendations and information, people starting their skincare journey may feel lost or overwhelmed.

With this in mind, Essence will focus on simplifying skincare suggestions that will help the user reach their skincare goals. In order to make an easier gateway for people interested in skincare, Essence will have a gender neutral design to focus on skin health and wellness, so that all users can feel accepted and included without the pressures of marketed gender norms.

Due to the abyss of information and mass amounts of products in the market, figuring out ones skincare needs against all the marketing can be overwhelming. To remedy the complexity of skincare, having one trusted source of information that best provides reviewed recommendations will simplify people’s experience and attitude towards their skincare journey. By creating an app that will assess the user’s priorities with their skin needs, the app will help recommend and build a complete skincare regimen based on the user’s skin goals.

Research Questions

  1. What are the factors that can help simplify the adoption of a skincare routine?
  2. Why is skincare gender marketed?
  3. How can an app be utilized to uplift peoples experience and attitude towards their skincare journey?
  4. What data does AI Scanning collect in order to make good recommendations?


The outcome of my product is a mobile app meant to help users create the perfect skincare routine and keep track of their skin's progress with the help of Ai skin scanning. To do this, the app will curate and recommend highly rated products that are known to work with specific skin conditions. Users will also be able to fill out a daily log that will make it easy to keep track of their progress and visually see their skin is improving or worsening.

Brandon Brown

Chang Kim—Primary Advisor
Graphic Design Professor, SJSU

Cindy Duong—Secondary Advisor

Ala Ho—Tertiary Advisor

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